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Take control of your supply chain

Australian Micro Abattoirs

Australian Micro Abattoirs builds and installs small scale abattoir solutions to offer farmers a new way to sell their livestock, control their supply chain and increase farmgate profits.

Set your own prices
Control your supply chain

Our abattoirs are installed in the right configuration to match what you need for your operation.

Add-on units for new business opportunities including dry ageing, butchery,  commercial kitchen or waste system.

We also offer services to assist with marketing, branding, waste management, business analysis and more.

How we can help you


First, we make sure our solution is right for your operation. A feasibility study also helps to prepare you and your application for licensing and audit.


We provide solutions for beef, lambs and sheep, pork, poultry and game.  Our dedicated team then work with you to install and test your solution prior to licensing and final audit.


We guarantee the solution will meet the requirements to pass your first audit. We understand and can explain regulatory requirements and work with your local food safety regulators.

Extra Help

Not sure if you can run an abattoir or build a brand? Our team of specialists in marketing, waste management and business strategy can help wherever needed.


Designed for you

Our designs come from hard earned experience producing quality products at a producer scale. We’re about designs that you can get the most out for your operation, not someone elses.

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Our solutions could be exactly what you need to reduce costs and time on the road while building and protecting your brand.

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